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Marketing Automation: A Marketer’s Tool for Success

Marketing Automation: A Marketer’s Tool for Success

Marketing Automation: A Marketer’s Tool for Success

For marketers who are struggling at completing their marketing to-do list on a daily basis, it would be great if there were something that can help you automate the process to get them done as efficiently as possible.
Between sending that email newsletter and crafting a blog post, there’s so much you can do in a day; anything more might lead you to a burnout at work.
The good thing is that there are tools to help expedite your marketing tasks to help you stay on top of things while focusing on what’s really important–growing your brand and generating more revenues.
So, how do you do that? Through market automation.

What is Market Automation?

According to Marketo, marketing automation is defined as a type of software that helps businesses streamline, automate and measure their marketing tasks and workflow to increase their operational efficiency and revenues faster.
Marketing automation allows users to make manual, repetitive and time-consuming marketing tasks more efficient and the creation of new processes possible.
It is not designed to make a marketer’s job obsolete. Instead, it can make your tasks more efficient so you can reach your goals faster without sacrificing the authenticity of your marketing campaigns. With market automation tools, you can simplify your job so your time and energy is better spent on worthwhile tasks that drive the most revenue for the company.

Debunking the Myths of Marketing Automation

Since we’ve already defined what marketing automation is, let’s go a little further on what it is not. All too often, some marketers will do every they can to accomplish their goals without asking beforehand if their marketing efforts bring value to their customers as well as their company. Here’s a rundown of what is not considered a marketing automation.

What are the Benefits of Marketing Automation

With marketing automation, your sales and marketing team can work seamlessly together to leverage on their leads as they transition through the funnel that ultimately leads to sales.
  • Productivity. One essential benefit of marketing automation is how it effectively simplify routine marketing tasks and cuts down repetitive and manual processes by automating them. Create, manage and schedule multiple marketing campaigns ahead of time according to your settings. This boosts your productivity as a member of your marketing team and the extra time allows you to focus on other tasks that needs manual attention.
  • Flexibility. Marketing automation is not specific to just one type of platform so you can create different campaigns such as CRM, email, social media, leadpages and others. It serves as a ones-stop shop for different marketing activities, making every marketer’s job painless and manageable.
  • Integrate with CRM. A marketing automation software can integrate with your CRM to present which automation strategies are working and which aren’t. This gives you the chance to realign your strategies that are bringing you the right leads and conversion.
  • Detailed Reporting. Automated marketing software helps you to monitor multiple campaigns and see which one generates the best results for your investment. Drill down reports with detailed graphs, statistics and data which you can use to optimize for your next marketing campaigns.
  • Easy to Use. It’s so simple to use even technically-challenged users can navigate their way around a marketing automation software with no problem. Most of those that are available don’t require users to have any coding or web design background to be able to create compelling campaigns. There hundreds of pre-made templated and editing tools that you’ll find extremely useful.

Who is the Marketing Automation For?

A common assumption would naturally point to large companies as the biggest users of marketing automation tools. After all, it seems reasonable enough that they have all the resources and manpower to use such tools. However, marketing automation is not only used by large companies. In fact, there’s a growing market for small and medium sized companies in the recent years. Additionally, companies from diverse industries are also using them. Business-to-business (B2B) industries such as IT, business services and manufacturing, as well as Business-to-Customers (B2C) such as as media, financials services, healthcare and retail are using marketing automation to engage with leads and customers in real-time.

What are the Features in Marketing Automation?

Most marketing automation tools offers offers more or less the same features common across all vendors. This includes features like email marketing, social marketing, CRM integration, lead management, marketing analytics, online marketing and resource management. However, they may differ in the quality of features they offer. Here are some features to look out for when choosing a marketing automation platform:

Wrapping Up

At the end of the day, the very essence of marketing is building long-term relationships with your target audience, incorporating the human touch while ensuring that your company succeed with achieving its business goals. However, the only problem with it is the fact that it’s difficult to maintain these relationships without specific processes or data to back it up. With marketing automation, you can reach out to targeted customers at their preferred platform with automated messages that’s actually relevant to their interests and needs. It’s the best way to connect with them on a personal level. Now that you have an idea what marketing automation can do for your business, we encourage you to find a platform that allows you to flexibility to find and nurture leads throughout the customer lifecycle.

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