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Improve Business Productivity with Marketing Automation Tools

Improve Business Productivity with Marketing Automation Tools

Improve Business Productivity with Marketing Automation Tools

We first wrote about marketing automation in our previous article, where we explained why it’s an awesome tool to automate essential marketing workflow. Now we’re back to help our readers choose an automation platform that’s right for their business.
Between managing thousands of leads, scheduling social media posts and creating email marketing campaigns, there’s a lot going for marketers in keeping their routine tasks simpler and faster with less human errors. No matter how big or small your business may be, the fact remains that there’s a huge amount of customer data that even a huge marketing team can manually handle.
Fortunately, there’s plenty of marketing automation tools to solve this dilemma. The question now remains: which among these options should you choose for your business? In today’s post, we cover common features to expect in a marketing automation tool and the benefits it has to offer across all types of businesses.

Tips for Choosing a Marketing Automation Tools

Whether you’re a solo marketer or managing a marketing team, marketing automation tools are great for processing multiple marketing tasks, minimize complexities and measure outcome to improve efficiency for your marketing effort. It is designed to establish certain criteria and results for specific tasks, which are then stored, processed and analyzed by these tools.
To get the most value from your marketing automation software, it should meet the following requirements:
  • Automate multiple digital platforms such as social media, emails, instant messaging, SMS, etc.
  • Contact and engage targets when particular actions, conditions or period of time are met.
  • Supports segmentation of marketing campaigns.
  • Effectively measure marketing results at different scales.
  • Offers a consistent round-the-clock customer support via phone, chat or email.

Marketing Automation Tools to Streamline your Business


A powerful marketing automation tool with a wide range of advanced features, Marketo offers a cloud-based platform that’s ideal for businesses of all sizes. It is great for creating customized email campaigns, managing multiple social media profiles and assisting customers in every phase of their buying journey.
LaunchPoint, Marketo’s so-called marketplace, offers hundreds of applications that integrate well with its customer engagement platform. From analytics and big data, content marketing, lifecycle market, mobile marketing and more, LaunchPoint is a dynamic multi-functional solution to establish a lifelong relationship with customers.


A B2B marketing automation tool designed by Salesforce, Pardot helps the sales and marketing team to create, manage, distribute and measure online marketing campaigns from a single platform. Its lead management software provides email marketing, lead nurturing, real-time CRM integration, segmentation wizard, lead scoring and ROI reporting and multi-channel social media marketing.


Hubspot does inbound marketing right with its full-featured marketing automation capabilities. It efficiently transforms a company’s outbound marketing strategies like cold calling and TV ads to an inbound marketing strategy that allows more visibility from target customers.
Established in 2008, Hubspot is considered a digital marketing automation pioneer that helps the marketing and sales team to collaborate effortlessly in growing traffic, converting leads and monitor customers in the entire funnel under one centralized place.

Oracle Eloqua

Oracle Eloqua is every modern day marketers go-to solution to create a personalized and engaging experience for customers. It works seamlessly on different channels–content, social media, email, webinars and others with hundreds of exclusive apps and third-party integrations. Whether you want to create multi-channel online campaigns or nurture contacts and leads, you can trust Oracle Eloqua to deliver personalized experience tailor-fit for a different type of customers.


A cloud-based marketing automation software, Act-On enables marketers to maximize their ROI with its wide range of features that drives optimum customer experience. More suited for businesses at an enterprise level, Act-on allows an intuitive and integrated platform where marketers can easily respond, engage and measure success at every phase of the customer journey.
It offers eight automated program templates similar to that of Hubspot which can be customized to cater to specific needs. It also has a drag-and-drop workflow interface that’s easy to use and lets you be more creative.
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The Bottomline

There’s no shortage of the number of tools you can use to automate and make your marketing tasks more efficient. These five options are just a few popular options when searching for the right marketing automation tools that both your sales and marketing team will find easy to use.
By automating your marketing tasks, you empower your team to focus their time and attention on other priorities that are sure to drive more growth and profitability for the company. Now that we have shared some of the best marketing automation software, which one do you think are you going to use? We’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments below.

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